Windows 8.1 upgrade – ms natural keyboard mapping went wrong

Published October 21, 2013 12:00 pm

Today, I upgraded to windows 8.1 few minutes back. All went pretty smooth; it took order of 1 hour and multiple auto-reboots before finalization. There is two issues I faced.

I use a ms natural keyboard 4000 model. After upgrade, shift + key combination was giving wrong characters. For example: shift + 2 gave ” rather than @; shift + ‘ gave @ instead of “. I binged but did not find a solution. I went to control panel ‘Control Panel\Clock, Language and Region\Language’ and followed to install the language pack English(United States). This may or may not be required. Mentioning it because I did it.

After this, rebooted the laptop once. It fixed the incorrect keyboard mapping problem.

2nd issue: when I connect my windows phone 7, zune was not launching. It mentioned no device detected/connect your abc-phone. I tried setting to forget the phone; reboot the OS. None of these worked. Finally reboot the phone worked.

Did you face the similar problem during upgrade? How did you fix it?

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