Tata docomo photon maxwifi internet connection

Published July 8, 2014 11:41 am

I had used tata photo plus earlier and after seeing the handiness of maxwifi device – I decided to give it a try. Since I used a prepaid version, there was not an option to upgrade. I had to purchase a new device for INR 2000.

The device claims to give speed up to 6mbps. I have been using tata photon devices as backup at home or office when primary internet connection is down. They provide enough bandwidth for normal browsing. Few things that I have learnt about tata photo devices:

  1. network coverage is good. In my case, I have not seen pockets in city where coverage is not there. (Hyderabad, kondapur)
  2. They are aggressive in throttling the bandwidth usage even when u have not reached the claimed speed or your monthly GB limit. Downloads which run into few 100MB are in all likelihood get throttled and won’t finish ever.
  3. maxwifi in my case does not give better speed than photonplus. In fact, sometimes I find it worse though I don’t have technical analysis done for that. speedtest does not cross 1mbps at home ever. beam cable 1mpbs cable connection is superior to maxwifi at home.
  4. I have tested maxwifi at office (kavuri hills, hyderabad) where speed test showed 2-3mpbs download speed.

net, net – I could have stayed in my case with photon plus without upgrading to maxwifi. If your friend has the device, it is good to see coverage for your place before upgrading to maxwifi for better speed.

How was your experience with the photon maxwifi device?

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