Change of name on PAN card and other updates

Published July 25, 2014 10:02 am

I have written about this earlier when I had updated my PAN card details. Recently, I have to update my wife PAN card details – including name change after marriage. Since the update was being done, I have updated a) Aadhaar card b) communication address c) mobile d) email id for the same. The online application is available on the tin website and can be submitted there along with online payment of INR 105 fee.

The process is straight forward after selecting the right application. It is recommended to read all the instructions to fill the online form before actually filling it. Few of my learnings from there:

  1. It is good to do in early or late hours of the day when the tin website server and your bank (online payment) server are not busy. Failure scenarios are not properly handled.
  2. Online payment failed once at bank gateway. Next attempt – bank gateway passed but failed at tin website and hence, I could not get the acknowledgment receipt. Calling their support (020-27218080) only consumed more time. They asked to send all details including the transaction number to their support email [tin_online (at)] but I have not heard back from them after 48 hours. Instead of doing follow up to save INR 105 – I have tried again today in the morning and payment went through properly.
  3. save the transaction number before proceeding with payment.
  4. in case of failure of payment – transaction number can be used to retrieve your application again. Otherwise, whole of the application needs to be filled again.
  5. Before submitting the form, carefully review all fields for typo.
  6. Carefully evaluate all supporting documents reading through the help on the website. Otherwise, application will be rejected and need to send again the required supporting documents.


I have attached these supporting documents (copy) when applying for the name change after marriage:

  1. Old pan card (with name before marriage)
  2. passport (with new name after marriage)
  3. Aadhaar card with latest address
  4. marriage certificate

We received few SMS whenever the application status changed; also I checked on the website for status update couple of times. Application was received; then initial verification; then verification by ITD (income tax dept) completed. I took order of 3 weeks before the PAN card arrived by courier yesterday. In this application case, there was no issue with documents and it passed all verifications.

Did you also go through updating your PAN card? Do share your experience below.

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