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Paying hyderabad traffic challan online through eseva

Published July 5, 2014 11:27 am

I wanted to just sanity check if there is any pending traffic challan against my car. I had heard earlier that such information is available online. Little ‘bing’ brought me to where I found that there was a traffic challan pending for my car for year 2012!

Next I wanted to pay it online. I have forgotten my eseva account details. I went ahead and created new user since I failed to reset password for my existing old account. The system was not sending mail to my registered email to reset password.

Next I added cyberabad traffic challan service. Actually – Hyderabad traffic challan service is different than the earlier one. Hence, I could not find the challan no under cyberabad traffic challan service. I found it when I searched under ‘Hyderabad traffic challan’. Also note – I need to use upper case for the registered car number.

Payment through Icici net banking succeeded but failed when redirected to eseva site. Hence, I could not find the receipt for the payment. linked ‘last receipt’ also did not show the receipt. Fortunately, I happen to read the note below to call the eseva support regarding payment failures. Amount was debited from my bank account. The number as I write is 040-65656971. Latest phone number is best obtained from pay bill section on support executive mentioned that receipt will reflect under ‘last  receipt paid’ in 2-3 business days.

I need to wait for another 2 days to get the receipt. That’s all about checking and paying my traffic challan online. Did you find and pay traffic challan online any time for Hyderabad or cyberabad? How was your experience?

Update: I saw in one of the electronic hoarding that a challan payment play store app is released. I haven’t tried it through.