No – What if – Just do it

Published August 27, 2014 10:34 am

How many minutes have you spent thinking what if it may go wrong? or

  1. What if I take the wrong direction?
  2. what if I spent more time on this than desired?
  3. what if it is worth taking up?
  4. what if something else is better thing to do than this?
  5. what if it shows me in poor light?

What if – is one of biggest time sink, reason to procrastinate & not act — and road block to personal productivity. Just do it – is the reverse. It helps you move and possibly fail. If I don’t move – I have anyway failed.

Woman standing in yoga position, meditating in mountainsHaving said that – thoughtless action vs thoughtful paralysis – are two extremes. I need to be careful and take the middle road. Typically in my personal experience, I have seen more of later than of the former. Given more time – analysis & procrastination takes the excess of the available time. Parkinson Law applies – work expands to fill the time available.

There is need to push ourselves – to action. After thinking, it’s time to go with the natural flow of action and keep the gut check active – to not fall in trap of thoughtless action.

That is it. Just do it.

ps. The due credit for the trigger point about ‘what if’ started when I first read this article and ever since it has been growing on me on how much harm this can do.

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