The identity dilemma – Work on goals. Rest in self.

Published September 2, 2014 1:01 pm

All of us have bad days. I too have bad days. I try to look back to see if I can learn from it. Many times – it gets down to the identity dilemma.

  1. I do meaningful things. Hence, I am (worthy). Vs
  2. I am (worthy). Hence, I do things.

Mind BackdropEveryday I am faced with new challenges or force myself into new ones – to keep learning and moving. Until it is “done” – that new task/problem/challenge – what you call it – I often go through pain. Pain is primarily because I fetch my identity from “doing meaningful things”. If it does not get done, it gets even more painful at times.

If I take it the other way around – I am (worthy). Hence, I do things. It seem to feel better – while doing and even when it does not get done. It helps to correct these subtle believes.

Wrong believeRight believe
I do things. Hence, I am (worthy).I am (worthy). Hence, I do things.
Things fetch happiness. Hence, I experience happiness.I am (blissful). Hence, things fetch happiness.
I know things. Hence, I am (worthy).I am (worthy). Hence, I know things.

It is like – “I am. Hence, things around me.” – not the other way round – “things are. Hence, I am”.

This change empowers – to work on goals while rest in self.

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