Fearlessness is basic premise for Productivity

Published September 5, 2014 10:39 am

I care immensely about productivity. I think about it everyday. What changes can I bring out today – to be more productive from tomorrow?

The subtler the change, the higher the productivity gain.

little pretty girl ridingAttitude is the most subtle part of me. It is the goggles that I put on – before I start look at things (feel & think about them). It is active every millisecond and impacts smallest possible unit of my time. If I have fear activated, I look at things as problems and filled with numerous questions. Many of them are irrelevant – what ifs questions – that I referred in a previous post. It cloud the vision & never let me get to knowledge – the question-less clear view of the solution. It paralyze me in analysis that deactivates right action. And on top of all, it is active at the smallest possible unit of my time!

Fearlessness is relative. but you can sort of make out it is inverse-exponentially related to your productivity. Fear is most of the time – a lie. Antidote to fear is smile. If I carry that little smile, it helps get over it and eventually respectfully disconnect of it! That is all it takes and welcome to the world of clarity and power to act!

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