Breaking from the past and living by intention

Published September 8, 2014 3:37 pm

Have you seen days when you dream/plan to change but when time comes to act differently – old habits rule! You feel it is so hard to change. You look for a distraction & excuse – to not change. After all, old habits die hard. I am also going through a phase where I am/have to bring about lot of changes.

Few days back, I read an article on linked in which briefed how habits function – cue -> routine -> reward ->craving and referred the book – The power of habit. I am missing the link to the article since I can’t find it. It touched how it (habit) bypasses reasoning for efficiency. but works against us when we try to change the habits. The book is excellent read – I have read only partially yet.

The key to change is some of these parameters (cue, routine, reward) that drive the habit. What I found most interesting in my case is to present myself the reward of habit – smile – without doing it. What the habits usually bring after doing it – is smile. I kind of break the rule and smile nevertheless. For example – when I finish a delicious meal – it brings smile! When I smile even without having the delicious meal, it helps & eases to control/counter the urge (craving) to eat unhealthy.

Bimba al mare che rideSmile is mine. Why to make something else a premise for that?

After knowing the power of habit, I tend to smile and do things differently or by intent – rather than following the habit pattern and seek pleasure in the habit. Habit helps but habit pattern can act counter to me when I want to act differently. The beginning of breaking the habits and living by intention – is to bring on that little smile!

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