Do I want to be Dumbo?

Published September 11, 2014 2:02 pm

Do I want to be Dumbo? answer is astounding NO. no way. I want to be learning and growing intelligent every hour, every day. but don’t I get angry and frustrated daily if not hourly? I do.

What happens when I get angry? Rationality stops. Triviality starts. All I want is situation to mend my way, nothing else matters. Boxed thinking starts. Broad thinking stops. My sight gets limited to only the situation; can’t and don’t want to see anything outside the situation. It is as if it is so damn important while it isn’t.

My mind is heating up. The neurochemicals released have already blinded my common sense. My sight is clouded and short sighted of course. I feel terrible. I get into repetitive thinking (head noise!). My body is flooded with toxins. Muscles are tightened. Soothing warmness and healing stops. Coldness and vulnerability to diseases starts. I am ready to fight with anyone at the lightest spark (argument). It is as if petrol is flooding the veins. Fun stops. Humor vanishes.

Still I want to be angry? I’m not a Dumbo.

Bimba al mare che rideLet me bring up that little smile and keep my anger at bay!

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