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Nano sim stuck in micro-sim slot 2 for Nokia Lumia 730

Published January 19, 2015 11:40 am

A while back ( 6 weeks), I had purchased dual sim nokia lumia 730. I had got introduced to micro/nano sim terminology with the phone since the phone had micro-sim slots. Micro/nano are smaller and more-small sim form factors of sim and latest mobile phones sim  have these kind of sim slots; old (big) size sim does not fit in these slots. I have to exchange my old (normal size) sim to get a Micro sim from the Vodafone store. This is short summary about micro/nano sims. google can give more technical details about these terms.

At Vodafone store, I asked the most compatible sim and the executive offered me nano sim with micro & normal sim adapters. Adapters are essentially containers where the smaller size sim can be inserted.

Recently I purchased a second connection & it came with a nano sim. I did not pay much attention to realize that it is nano sim!!! and tried to put in micro sim slot 2 of my nokia lumia 730. It slid inside & I realized soon that it is not the correct size sim. but there was no way to get the sim out. I took the phone to Nokia care. Unfortunately – Nokia care concluded that 2nd sim slot is not accessible even after opening the phone; slot is irreversibly blocked; send phone to factory to get the sim slot replaced; it won’t be covered by warranty; it will cost me ~INR 5k! Needless to say – I did not feel good. I planed to active 2nd sim and here I was – with 2nd slot permanently blocked & no solution to fix it.

At the end of the day, I tried my luck on google. I found few recipes like using tweezers, cutting the sim slot, pressing the pins using a thin thing and shaking the phone to get the sim out. Nothing worked. I had almost given up & was thinking of raising my 1year accidental insurance claim as last resort. At this time, I found this intelligent solution. Before you read further – watch the video.

The solution worked and helped get the stuck nano sim in micro sim slot out. Here are my observations from the experience:

  1. Cut the card strip from the middle of the card – to avoid rounded corners.
  2. Cut the card strip that fits the width of the sim card – to have max contact area with the sim.
  3. Insert the card strip and feel the touch with the sim. Gentle push will give the feel of the spring action – before applying faviquik.
  4. Apply faviquik just enough – to avoid spilling on the pins in the slot.
  5. Keep the phone such that gravity acts against the faviquik spilling on pins.
  6. Time to keep the strip in slot for 5 minutes. Blow little air from mouth. Give time; be patient.

Faviquik manufacturers wouldn’t have thought how it can help in such circumstances! Its a great tool. Kudos to Saurabh for the awesome trick that likely saved 10s of phones / sim slots from becoming unusable!!