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Can practice alone keeps you perfect?

Published February 27, 2015 3:12 pm

Have you stopped doing things that you used to do 1, 2, 5, 10 years before? Have your moved away from the tasks that you used to do in past & manage a organization from 2, 3 level above? Do you feel insecure that you have lost touch with things that matter?

fit senior man exercising at the beachPractice keeps the man perfect. When we stop doing things, we will lose the skill of doing it. Well it is yes & no. Yes – that it might take time to catch up again. No – I can’t do it again. but only if we have right conceptions.

How do I see the task/ skill?

If I see that as unimportant trivial thing that should be done by someone with lesser experience, it is recipe to lose the skill faster. I have seen that whatever I love/respect, I seem to keep it going or catch up quickly even with a gap in time (when I don’t do it). What I don’t love/respect, it gets out of my mind much sooner. Deep respect – for it even if I stop doing it – matters. It enables me to get it back in practice with less effort in future.

How do I see myself?

wrong view – I do things. Hence, I value myself (self-confidence). This is recipe to lose confidence as soon as I stop doing it. Building self-confidence will require re-doing the things. Putting back it in practice will be slow as lack of self-confidence will cloud the mind.

right view: I am valuable. Hence, I do things. See I am the one who has done all the things so far in my life (& add the past lives also if you believe so). I am the force which is capable & behind everything that is understood & done. Believe in the force unconditionally. Don’t believe in yourself because you cracked that hard problem because in that case it is very easy to lose the confidence when you fail to crack the next few hard problems. Believe in self without any premise because without you nothing moves. You are. Hence, things get done.

Ok. If Believe in self but I am lazy & don’t work. How does it help?

Well. Believing in self does not mean don’t work. Believe in self and Push yourself. Take a break if required but then move. You are lazy for time being does not mean you fetch your value from what you do. There will always be inactivity (recoup) period required to rejuvenate self.

To sum it up, practice keep you warm with the skill. It is the best way to perfect your art. Practice, Practice, Practice. Still you may move on to do something else. When you are away from it, a right attitude will help you remain grounded and ready to pull up your socks again when need be.