Transfer of PF account when rejoining the same organization

Published September 4, 2016 1:40 pm

I had rejoined the same organization after couple of years of enterprising & working on my venture. I had not withdrawn my PF and after 3 years of no-contributions that PF account goes inactive & does not get any interest. It could not be used by the employer on rejoining & payroll applied for a new PF account with EPF. UAN (Universal account number) had also come into being in the meanwhile. I did not have UAN number & old PF account was not linked to UAN.

Getting the UAN

Getting the UAN is the first step. Employer had applied for UAN along with creation of the new PF account. I need to wait until the UAN is allocated for the new PF account for the transfer. It took order of 6 months – I don’t know exactly when UAN got allocated. UAN status I checked here using the PF account number provided by the employer available on the payslip. Note Ext field can be empty as suggested on the page.

Once the UAN is generated – it can be activated here and the website provides few services like downloading the eUAN as a pdf file. You can also download the passbook – I have raised the request & it mentions that the request will take 4 days.  You can list your old account under this UAN by following the menu under “previous member id”

Preview member id -> View Status allows to check for eligibility for transfer but it gives the error incorrectly that “Previous & present establishments are same”. but You can still proceed with the PF transfer process. My employer was registered online with digital certificate & I can initiate the PF transfer online.

Fill PF Transfer form online

I have to register here with my PAN card. Login and fill the transfer form online. I need two PF account (old & present) and it was straight forward. It finally gave a pdf link which I downloaded, printed & followed the employer process to submit to payroll department. Since in my case previous and current employer is same – it can be submitted with current employer. Otherwise – it is recommended to forward to previous employer.

Track the status

The status of the PF transfer request can be tracked online here.



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