Travel to Yavatmal from Hyderabad

Published January 19, 2018 3:36 pm

Recently I need to travel to Yavatmal from Hyderabad. We were a group of extended family including children & senior citizen grand parent.

We were exploring multiple travel options. We found the following

  1. Self drive – Google showed 7.5 hrs travel to Yavatmal by road.
  2. Sleeper bus – Starts at around 9pm and reaches by 7am.
  3. Train – There is a train station – Sevagram that is at around 75 kms. SC-ngr express (12771) trains mon-wed-fri in night 10 pm and takes around 9 hours. There are more trains but this train was available for our day of travel.

After deliberation, we felt the train to be better option primarily because of the following reason

  1. Senior citizen, children may need personal break anytime during the night.
  2. Personal break does require climb down/up in bus whereas in train it is comfortable. In fact, during travel my son went on his own for the breaks (in train). I did not have to accompany him.
  3. Movement during travel is much easier in the train.
  4. Travel air sickness during train travel is comparatively less during train travel.
  5. Car travel will have fatigue penalty to pay for the people driving the car and senior citizens.

Having done the trip, I do see train travel was comfortable for the family. It does require booking in advance. Return journey we did not get reservation for everyone & was not as comfortable as onward journey. Further it does cost extra for the car travel between Sevagram & yavatmal.

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