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A trip to Mrugavani National Park

Published July 5, 2017 8:54 am

Today my extended family was here in Hyderabad & we decided to go to Mrugavani National Park near Chilkur. I have also not been there & had gone there first time. We were around 13 members including children. The park is reachable via Nehru outer ring road.

The park has two main attractions – peacocks and deers and they are present in plenty in the park. The park has small part which is open & approachable by the visitors. It has a small area where children can seen deer in area bounded by a fence. There is a small bus that can take for a 20-30 minute safari tour in the park. You will see plenty of peacocks & deers. Children liked it. I was ok & had fun along with them. Driver for the safari was very good & stopped the vehicle where ever he spotted deers.

There is a small shop that serves snacks like Chips, cold drinks etc.

Good quick trip for a few hours break!

Apple support rocks!

Published December 10, 2016 11:10 am

apple-logo-0028640x4800029I was looking for an authorized service center for the apple’s ipod. I own an old ipod classic that is out of warranty. I was struggling to connect it to the windows 10 laptop. I was trying to find apple authorized service center. I landed at their support page which connected me to the apple call center @ Singapore.

I got a call back in 2 minutes & support executive was kind enough to not ignore an out of warranty case. He was patient to let me download iTunes and latest iTunes just worked! He also forward me the link to locate apple authorized service center.

Apple supported rocked for me today!